Behind the Durban Blame Game

This dynamic is only likely to change when we finally get to the point where we are concerned less about short-term economic growth than about our longer-term survival prospects. But by then it may be too late to avert catastrophic and irreversible climate change.

Here’s the bitter irony: we are postponing serious climate action for the sake of immediate economic growth. But with a flood here, a drought there; with a famine here, a mass migration there, we soon arrive at a place where economic growth is unachievable in any case.

I find it so hard not to get angry when I see things like the failed Durban talks, even after a semester of talking in my Dialogue class about it.

I have to dig to a deeper place to respond with anything but anger or tears of desperation, I just really wish the leaders of our world could also dig deeper for something other than retardation. I won’t even say they’re being “childish” because I’m sure even kids could understand what we need to be doing right now.